Comfort Pan Carriers

Styrofoam = JUNK

Expanded Polypropylene = LONG LASTING & DURABLE!

These insulated boxes are not the cheap variety you will find at the local store!
 You can find Thermohauser of America, Inc. products in all aspects of the Foodservice Industry. Thermohauser Insulated Comfort Pan Carriers are available in several different depths and are ideal for transporting Hotel Pans.  The boxes are also dishwasher safe, thus further supporting our commitment to proper hygiene and sanitation.  Don't try that with your cheap Styrofoam boxes!     
The Comfort Pan product line is unique with its extra Insulation and robust handles.
Thermohauser of America, Inc. is committed to using the highest quality materials, design the engineering and manufacturing processes to assure that you are provided with the best and most up-to-date products.  

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