High Heat Plastic Ware

Are you tired of your expensive High Heat products breaking down after  6-12 months?

If so, it is probably time to consider TEMP-TECH®! You can find TEMP-TECH® products in Health Care, Corrections, Schools & Meals on Wheels operations throughout the USA & Canada.
We offer an unparalleled line of High Heat Traytop Plastic Ware made exclusively from Ultem™ High Heat Resin.  Our line of 7.75" & 9" Plates, Domes, Mugs & Bowls last the test of time and doesn't break down like our competition!
TEMP-TECH® High Heat Traytop items are just what the Doctor ordered for Convection & Conduction Retherm systems as well!    
We are committed to using the highest quality materials, design engineering, and manufacturing processes to assure that we provide you with the best and most up-to-date products.  Our ability to mold high heat plastics is second to none with a long list of satisfied customers.  We are continually adapting and expanding our products to meet your needs, and invite you to review our product lines and submit new product ideas.


The Customer is King at TEMP-TECH®!  We understand your daily challenges and we take enormous pride in our responsiveness to your needs.  You can place your order via our online store or call us at 888-420-0491 and we will be happy to speak with you regarding your operational challenges and product needs.  Of course, you can always email us as well at customersvc@temp-tech.com 

Stop spending more time & money than you have to,

choose TEMP-TECH®

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