Trio Insulated Delivery Bag System – Holds 20 Standard Trays NEW!

Trio Insulated Delivery Bag System – Holds 20 Standard Trays NEW!

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Three hygienic meal carriers in one, the Trio System by TEMP-TECH® is the only insulated bag system for Meals on Wheels Trays that can be used to support optimal temperature retention while reducing the weight of each delivery.

For maximum temperature retention, transport two sleeves of hot, cold, or frozen trays inside the outer bag. When you’ve reached your delivery point, rather than carry the entire load to the door, remove one inner sleeve to carry just the meals you need while keeping them safely insulated all the way to their recipient. The second sleeve stays sealed until the next delivery point to prevent unnecessary temperature loss. Click here to see how the system works.

Outer Insulated Bag 

  • Extra tough and easy-to-clean reinforced vinyl exterior and PVC leather interior with thick, resilient polyurethane foam insulation.
  • One-piece, 5" deep lid with vertical hook-and-loop fasteners securely closes to protect against temperature loss yet opens quickly for loading and delivery.
  • 4 non-skid feet protect against direct surface contact and scratching.
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder strap with non-slip grip and sewn-in, rivet-reinforced hand carry straps.
  • Large, clear menu pocket keeps routing and re-heating instructions, or other important documents visible and easily accessible. Pocket is trimmed with sturdy woven binding for durability and safety.
  • Holds 20 standard Meals on Wheels Trays or two insulated sleeves of 10 trays each.
  • Safely clean and sanitize in a commercial dishwasher or with bleach/water solution.
  • Outer bag dimensions: 17" W x 11" D x 16" H (outside), 16" W x 10.5" D x 15.25" H (inside).
  • For printable product information sheet, click here
  • For complete user manual and instructions, click here.

Two Inner Insulated Sleeves (included)

  • Thick polyurethane foam insulation on all sides.
  • Extra tough and easy-to-clean reinforced vinyl exterior and PVC leather interior.
  • One piece 3” deep lid with horizontal hook-and-loop fastener running along the entire lid: fill with a full 10 trays for the best seal.
  • Built-in strap for hand carrying and easy removal from outer Trio bag.
  • Inner Sleeve Dimensions: 10" W x 7.5" D x 15" H (outside), 9.25" W x 6.75" D x 14.5" H (inside).

TT20TRIO-R Complete Trio 20-Tray System in Red (1 Large Outer Bag and 2 Inner Sleeves)

TT20TRIO -B Complete Trio 20-Tray System in Blue (1 Large Outer Bag and 2 Inner Sleeves) 


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Insulated Inner Sleeves are also sold separately.