Compartment Trays

TEMP-TECH® Compartment Trays Stand the Test of Time!

TEMP-TECH® Compartment Trays are made to order in both 3 and 5 compartment styles.  Our exceptionally durable and long-lasting trays can be made in two colors,  Pearl and Tan, in your choice of  Polycarbonate or Ultem™ High Heat Material which can sustain temperatures of up to 350*F.  Our trays have been used successfully in Schools, Hospitals, and Correctional facilities for the last 30 years.  
Please call (888) 420-0491 or email for minimum order quantities and pricing.  
We are committed to using the highest quality materials, design engineering, and manufacturing processes to assure that we provide you with the best and most up-to-date products.  
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