Heatstones - 5" X 5"

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  • ITEM # HS55
  • The Temp-Tech® Heatstone improves upon a time-tested principal to offer you a highly effective and affordable supplementary heat-source for today's bulk and individual meal transport needs.
  • The Temp-Tech® Heatstone helps food stay hotter than other heating methods due to the efficient heat transfer capacity of its highly conductive material.
  • Best of all, the Heatstone is easy to use and maintain.  Simply warm it up in a conventional oven and place it in a Temp-Tech® Thermal Bag, Food Carrier, or your own insulated carrier, cooler or hot cart.  Stack your meals on top of the Heatstone, and seal your carrier before you leave for delivery.
  • NEW FLAT RATE SHIPPING $1.99/ea - Order 10 or more Heatstones - FREE SHIPPING!

    Don't forget to order Heatstone Boxes to protect your Insulated Bag from excessive heat