Hot/Cold Pack 48 oz.

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  • ITEM # HCP
  • Can be used as a Hot Pack: Microwave for up to 3 minutes or can also be boiled for up to 5 minutes. Polypro handle makes removing heated pack from microwave safer.
  • Can be used as a Cold Pack: For maximum performance, place in freezer three hours before use.
  • Each gel pack offers safer, double anti-leak protection. Each is sealed in a strong 4 oz. inner liner and protected by a 12 oz. tear-proof red and blue outer TriGuard® shell.
  • The gel packs can be cleaned and sanitized in a bleach water solution or in a commercial dishwasher for a longer lasting professional appearance. 
  • HCP weighs 3# each and are 9" wide x 12" long

A hang loop is built in for safer removal of heated packs and for easy air drying.