65Watt 12VDC Bag Heater

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  • ITEM # BH12V
  • Not all 12 Volt Heaters are created equal!  Our 12Volt Bag Heater comes standard with a 65 Watt heater for maximum yet safe heat.  
  • The Temp-Tech® 12Volt Bag Heater is a simple yet cost-effective solution for ensuring a hot delivered meal every time!
  • Simply place your Temp-Tech® 12Volt Bag Heater inside your Insulated Bag or Box for extended temperature retention & improvement. Then plug the heater into your vehicle cigarette lighter (12volt DC current) for power.
  • Unlike competitive 12Volt heaters, every Temp-Tech® 12Volt Bag Heater comes standard with a 7 ft. cord and plug and built in thermostat for added protection!