Heat Stones - 5" X 5"

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  • ITEM # HS55
  • The TEMP-TECH® Heat Stone helps food stay hotter than other heating methods due to the efficient heat transfer capacity of its highly conductive material.
  • The TEMP-TECH®  Heat Stone improves upon a time-tested principal to offer you a highly effective and affordable supplementary heat-source for today's bulk and individual meal transport needs.
  • Best of all, the Heat Stone is easy to use and maintain.  Simply warm it up in a conventional oven and place it in a TEMP-TECH® Thermal Bag, food carrier, or your own insulated carrier, cooler or hot cart.  Stack your meals on top of the heat stone, and seal your carrier before you leave for delivery.
  • NEW FLAT RATE SHIPPING $1.99/ea - Order 12 or more heat stones - FREE SHIPPING!

    Don't forget to order Heat Stone Boxes to protect your Insulated Bag from excessive heat.